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All songs have BGA Videos (in .avi and .mpg format), But some of them don't have. So I just Download a Video from Youtube with an exact duration and place it on one of those Songs at their Folder...

But after I put the Video File on the Song Folder and run the Game, the Video is not coming out and the display is just showing blank...

How to put a BGA Video on the Song?

Songs Directory: Stepmania\Songs\LJZ Rock\Urban Assault\
Folder Contains: Urban Assault.ogg, Urban Assault-Banner.jpg, Urban Assault-Bg.jpg, Urban, Urban Assault.avi, Urban Assault.dwi

Urban Assault.avi was not working...
Hit Ctrl+Shift+R on the music select screen with the song selected. This should recache the song, which I think will make it see that you added a video to play.
Or you could press B in edit mode and add a bg change that way.
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