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Hi all.
Haven't been up on Stepmania as of late... have 3.9 installed on my arcade cabinet... and I'm taking 5.0.10 for a test drive on my PC to see if it is worth upgrading for what I do with it.

First thing I noticed after running the app and going through all the options... I can't seem to get rid of the 'debug' mode that seems to be running.
I get constant performance readouts in the upper right corner, with the FPS and so forth. How in the blazes do I disable that? Can't seem to find good documentation for SM... and can't find anything in OPTIONS to disable this, and there seems to be no switches in the command line when I look in the properties of the desktop icon.

The preference for that overlay is Show Stats in Graphics/Sound Options. You can also hold F3 to open the debug menu and press 6 to toggle Rendering Stats.