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This past week I made the very dumb mistake of switching to use only dedicated buttons for menu navigation without specifying any, naively thinking that standard arrow keys were already mapped by default. I know this could be fixed by either accessing a keymaps file or by switching the option back, but for the life of me I can't seem to do either. I could mention what I've already tried, but the only thing I think is maybe noteworthy is that a search for "keymaps.ini" in the Stepmania folder brings up no results. Should there be one in this version or not?

Stepmania 5.0.9
Windows 10
You want to change OnlyDedicatedMenuButtons to 0 in Preferences.ini.
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Thank youuu! T_T

I still don't exactly understand where Preferences.ini is being stored, but I was able to access it, and now I know what to look for if I need it again.

EDIT: Nevermind I figured out where it is when it asked me to save the file. Never knew about AppData until now.

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