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The question is: How to create .sm file?

The steps are completed but no .sm file.

This is an error?
Or create a .sm file for the steps?

Er......Do you mind post more details?
I can help you if you are using stepmania5 to create steps.But I don't know what software you are using and what problem you are having.
If you are really using stepmania5,I would like to help.
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Um... if you have the steps completed and they play in-game, then you have a SM file. A .Sm file allows steps to be created inside StepMania. If you don't have the Stepmania file format, here it is. You need to add in the details OUTSIDE the game instead of inside the game. If you created the .SM file inside the game (AKA pressed create song and had the .Sm file automatically placed in for you in a folder.) then you're going to have some problemoz..
I'm using StepMania 5.