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I've used Stepmania 5.04 for 7 months now. Today, Stepmania decided to come alive on its own.
In the menus of Stepmania, the program will RANDOMLY scroll up and down and RANDOMLY press "Start". This problem only occurs in Stepmania (not desktop or even OpenITG). It has occured in both 5.04 and 5.07. I would like to keep Stepmania 5 around.

What I've Tried
1) Restarting Game
2) Restarting Computer
3) Uninstalling Game
4) Installing newer version (5.07)
5) Unplugging my mats
6) Unplugging wireless mouse/keyboard USB

Any ideas?

I have not tried 5.09 as I get the problem mentioned here. (this problem should be solvable without having to get 5.09)
You accidentally turned on Monkey Input, which imitates random input for testing.
Hold F3 and hit 5.
< cybik> til Kyzentun fixes bugs for breakfast
< maxvg1> shakesoda: then why do i still play lol
<@shakesoda> because you're an ITG player. And thus, a masochist
<@shakesoda> Kyzentun: I think you might need to put down the meshes for a bit
That's it! Thanks so much. One of the kids probably hit those keys while playing with the keyboard.
Geez, why does this exist? I'm just glad I found this post. Thanks

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