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Hi... I cant find a way to search the forum so sorry if this has already been asked before. Is there some way to set the game to allow us to fail on easy and beginner? We have people playing who can't play above that but still want to be tested at the level that they play. It doesn't feel much like a game to them if they can't. I thought I noticed some options that covered that in one of the files, but they were already set to 0. Does it need to be set individually for each song? If so, can I force it to always use the default failure mode?
If it's the first song, the fail type will always be set to Off in Beginner.
If it's the first song, and the difficulty is Easy, and FailOffForFirstStageEasy is set to 1, then the fail type will be set to Off.
If FailOffInBeginner is set to 1 and the difficulty is Beginner, then the fail type will be set to Off for all songs.
If none of the above three are true, the default fail type is used.
Beginner and Easy are never harsher than "Immediate Continue", which sets the player to "failed" when their life bar empties and stops accumulating score for them, but still allows them to finish the song.
If you set the fail type explicitly in the Song Options, it won't be overridden by the above conditions.

Side note:
Beta 3 had a bug that caused the Song Options screen to set the global default fail type. In the next release, players will not be forced to use the same fail type and changing it on the Song Options screen will not change the global default setting (and will persist until the end of the credit/session).
The conditions in the first half of this post will still be in effect in the next release.
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