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So, I've had this issue ever since I've started using Stepmania 5. I have no problems with general play, but whenever I go into edit mode, the further I get into a song when I try to play a specific segment, for some reason, the more it gets desynced.

It's not a tempo or offset issue, it's something with the editor. I'm capable of playing an entire song and it be synched just fine, getting perfects, etc, but if I select a segment mid-song, the notes don't line up anymore. I can post a video to elaborate, but it's really frustrating.

I can still finish edits, but it requires me to play the entire song every time I test the chart, instead of just being able to test smaller segments as I get further into the chart. Anyone know why this is happening?

Last edited: 19 June 2014 10:54pm

Sounds like you are using a VBR MP3. Use either CBR MP3 or OGG.