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For the past two days in my free time I have been trying to make a new song.
But the only problem i am having is the song will not load in the game at all i have created the .dwi and the .sm files using
the files from songs i have already made but nothing. I did try as well to using SM Tools witch was in my SMCVS folder but that
just crashed every time i head tried; it did happen to work when i tried a mp3 from my music i play when doing my homework.
Next i looked at the forums to look for the problem did not find anything but some head songs
that would not load so i looked and it said to turn on auto gen steps so i tried that to see if that would work still got nothing.

Windows 7 Pro
Stepmania 5b3
Song Name:» Blade and Soul Anime ブレイドアンドソウル OP Opening 「Sayonara Usotsuki」
Downloaded from: using to get the song and video
[I have used filsh be to get songs before they all worked]

So if anyone has any idea on what is going wrong can you guys please help me figure this problem out.
I am going to keep trying maybe find a MP3 download of the song that could work.