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continue this problem from here

i touched
ScreenSelectMusic/CDTitleX, CDTitleFrontCommand, CDTitlebackCommand in metrics.ini
(change x,y)
BGAnimations/ScreenMiniMenu underlay/default.lua (changed color)
(default skin Alteration but I didn't remove anything)
then became this


I changed value to default skin but Not return to its original

how can i fix it?
(English is not so good can be awkward sorry)

and found this text in the logs.txt

01:23.437: Dialog: "String "ScreenSelectMusic::NEW" is missing. Correct this and click Retry, or Cancel to break." []
01:23.437: String "ScreenSelectMusic::NEW" could not be found in "Themes/tshn/metrics.ini" or "Themes/_fallback/metrics.ini".

01:23.440: Dialog: "Lua runtime error: /Themes/tshn/BGAnimations/ScreenSelectMusic decorations/default.lua:266: attempt to concatenate a nil value
01:23.440: /Themes/tshn/BGAnimations/ScreenSelectMusic decorations/default.lua:266: main(t = (null),StepsDisplay = (null),PercentScore = (null),(*temporary) = 19,(*temporary) = (null),(*temporary) = (null),(*temporary) = SortOrderFrame,(*temporary) = (null),(*temporary) = SortOrderFrame,(*temporary) = (null),(*temporary) = ScreenSelectMusic,(*temporary) = ShowSortOrderFrame,(*temporary) = (null),(*temporary) = attempt to concatenate a nil value)" [LUA_ERROR]

Open the language file for the language you're using. It is in Themes/tshn/Languages/. The language file is used to handle translating.
en.ini is the file for English, ja.ini is for japanese, and so on.
Search for the [ScreenSelectMusic] section, and see if it has an entry for "NEW!". If it doesn't have that, add an appropriate entry.

i recreate from default
it was confirmed that no problems en.ini

There was no problem when other things have changed but this problem occur when changed These things

Why is this work that ? and how can i solve this problem?