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I want to run SM fullscreen on Yosemite -- when I run it fullscreen as it is, there's a black bar across to the top of the screen. I have the computer set for 1024x768 (running on an HDTV) and I see that SM is set at 800x600 so I suspect that's the problem, but I don't have any other resolution options in SM. How can I add a custom resolution to the program? I've tried looking for the under-pinning files but I'm not sure where OSX is hiding them.

Settings are stored in Preferences.ini which you can read about here:

The settings you are specifically interested in might be:



Note that the width you put in the prefs file will be ignored. Instead, stepmania will calculate a width from the height and the aspect ratio. (I don't know why they decided to do that)
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Either way it works well now! That's a very hidden file, but I found it, fixed it and now it looks great.

Thank you!