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Just did a clean install of Windows and time to install StepMania again, but rather than installing the one I used before (SM5 beta 2), I decided to look if there's a newer version and BAM SM 5.0.9. Default theme is normal, but when I loaded waiei ultra lite theme, this happens :

First, notice after I press game start, it takes a few seconds until it loads the select style screen, this used to be instant using SM5 beta 2. Second, yeah I think the video speaks for itself.

Is this a compatibility issue or is there something I can do to fix this? Thanks in advance all the way from Indonesia.
It's a compatibility problem. The theme doesn't work properly (never fully did, in truth - those errors just didn't show up in beta 3 and prior). Essentially, prior to beta 4, every theme people were releasing was broken so we had to step in and force the errors to display in-game by default.

You can hide the errors by setting IgnoreDialogs=anything in Preferences.ini. It doesn't fix the theme, but it will make the messages not cover your screen anymore.