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I'll try to make this short and to the point.

I am an experienced veteran in these rhythm game communities (most known on FFR and StepMania as stargroup). Recently, I've gotten passionate about game design and education theory, and so I took a serious look at this particular game that we play and spent about 2-3 years doing all kinds of design work and academic/artistic analysis. I would like to privately discuss some things with the administrators to see if you guys like the direction I've taken, and if I am able to help in any way. I'm confident that I can bring a lot to the project, but it really depends on how our goals will align. I see StepMania 5 as a very promising project that I am willing to dedicate myself to if things work out, something I do not and would not say about countless other current existing rhythm game projects.

Unless I'm gravely mistaken, Kommisar works fairly closely with you guys, and is a good friend of mine and we share a lot of these ideas, and he would recommend me to you guys. Shakesoda may remember me from a couple of years ago, and I believe at the time he liked many of the ideas I had (which interestingly enough I hear that you guys are implementing now, though possibly independently thought of), and may also support my potential contributions, and my ideas and me have matured quite a bit since then.

I hope you guys take the time to read and consider this, as Kommisar's going on vacation or something so this is my only real chance at reaching you guys during a time where I can actually dedicate a lot of time and effort to this project. Thank you.
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I can also be found on skype (put a 2 at the end of my name).