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I have played for stepmania for 6 years. Now I have got a problem telling for you, That's about the language encoding problem in simulator.
I have seen that "zh" this code is called for “中文” (Chinese) in stepmania. However, that meaning have expressed a vaguely encoded code. Why?
Because it have got many kinds of Chinese characters in China. One is Simplified Chinese, the other one is Traditional Chinese. And then, both of these Chinese have got two branches. Look at the below of the list:
CHN Simplified Chinese (大陆简体)
MAS Simplified Chinese (马新简体)
HK Traditional Chinese (香港繁體)
MAC Traditional Chinese (澳門繁體)
TW Traditional Chinese (臺灣正體)

The second. Cantonese is a language. It's different from the Chinese. There are some spoken languages can be expressed for the characters (like of these: 咁, 嘅, 㗎, 㩒, 噉, 冚, 嗌, 唥, 佢, 諗, 乜, 曱, etc. ...). These words are NOT THE RARE CHARACTER. They were VERY POPULAR used in Guangdong and Hong Kong, Macau and any other spoken Cantonese language area. In addition, Cantonese cannot communicate with the Mandarin speakers.

Enclose herewith the codes about the Chinese and Cantonese:
Simplified Chinese -- zhcn
MAS Simplified Chinese -- zhmas
HK Traditional Chinese -- zhhk
MAC Traditional Chinese -- zhmac
TW Traditional Chinese -- zhtw
Cantonese -- yue

I hope the StepMania team must pay attention to this point.