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Hi there. I Used to play stepmania ..well, over 10 years ago...firstly... Congrats!

Second...I remember the old site i used for files..bemani seems to be down o.0 I wanted to do some of my ipod songs (probably not too popular), but figured that'd be the best place to look.
Is there a database, or something to look through? (i'd like to see what of my ipod songs i can play along to ^.^) If there's nowhere to get them that's okay but figured I'd ask.

....and for a dumb question..if memory serves move the files/folder to a set folder, right? Or is it one folder per song (say dynamite rave).

Thanks in advance!
SMO hosts a huge list of packs:
There's a search engine that can be used to find songs in packs at indeedengine:

The files for one song go in a folder. The folder for a song goes in a group folder. The group folder goes in %APPDATA%/StepMania-5.0/Songs. Or you can set the AdditionalSongFolders preference in %APPDATA%/StepMania-5.0/Save/Preferences.ini to point to the folder you want to use in addition to the normal Songs folder.
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