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The last Stepmania version that runs on my Dell Dimension 8400 (single-core) P4 3.2GHz was version 3.9 (the one with the PUMP game-mode). Version 3.9b runs okay too but I didn't like it because it was missing PUMP game-mode.

Now I installed version 5.0 and it doesn't run.

Just wondering if anyone knows why it's not running for me?

Software Details:
Windows XP SP2 32.bit
.NET 2.0
DirectX 9.0c (June 2010)

is it popping up an error when you try running it (something about a .dll file missing or such)?

Work in Progress
Thanks I will try this... Hope this will solve dtxmania issues too!!!
thanks, it works.

helpful if admin/dev team puts this requirement into the readme and faq and help sections :)))
That's a good idea, I'll add this to the FAQ.