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Hello everyone :D
I'm a newbie on this forum but that's not the topic.
While i was serching for a new mechanical keyboard i found the most beautiful keyboard i've ever seen
But there is a problem instead of the switches
they are basically green cherry mx switches and i don't know if they are good for playing stepmania because they have an activation force pretty high wich is 85g
So the question is
should i buy them ?
Atm i'm using a corsair k70 with brown switches and more time i spend on them more i broke them
Thanks in advice
The keyboard that have green switches is the ducky shine 4 69 fire
green / blue switches are quite loud and need a lot force to register they are recommended for people who love typing, i'd highly recommend getting a keyboard with RED switches for stepmania ( and fps games) their the most silent and easiest to press of them all.

Last edited: 4 June 2015 3:27am