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I have a hard time telling which songs would be legit here. Mainly, I'm wondering about Pluto, but there are others. Could you let me know?
The only song I know of with constant tempo mods is Delta Max.

No other song in existence constantly changes tempo throughout the song. Pluto has a few portions where the tempo changes, it is FAR from constantly changing, if you simply means songs with many tempo changes then you want stuff with live drummers, stuff from Ultramix 3 or Metallica's older songs.
No! I mean c250, c450, and things like that.
It depends entirely on who you ask, and what you care about.

Stepmania will "disqualify" your score if the song has BPM changes, stops, delays, warps, or scroll changes, unless you turn off the "Disqualification" preference.

In my eyes, they are always legit.

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