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Recently, I have been stepping songs myself in Stepmania. I use a Mac. I use songs in the file format of .mp3 and it works perfectly fine. However, when I try to USB my song pack to another computer (a Windows), it can't detect my song files.

When I go to edit>edit steps>my pack in Stepmania on the Windows computer, the song titles are all there but all the difficulties (novice, easy, medium, etc.) are blank, and when I click on "create new", it says "This song is missing a music file and can not be edited." I have checked that the computer can read all the files.

So what's the problem here? Help please, thank you :)

If the song files or folders have UTF8 characters in the filename, that will cause problems.

The next possibility is that a version with no music file was cached, and the cache for those songs needs to be refreshed. On Windows, you can find the cache in %APPDATA%/StepMania 5.0/Cache/Songs/. You can either find the cache files for the specific songs and delete them, or delete the whole folder. Stepmania will recache the songs next time it starts up.
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