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This is what I sometimes use. Simply play the song and tap along to the beat. It does require a steady hand though. I might upload a tutorial on how to find the BPM of a song in FL Studio, which is what I usually use.
What do i download exactly? I'm new at this and not very smart at this kind of thing :-(
Assuming you're using Windows, you will want to click the link that says "VirtualDJ Home v7.4.2 PC" on the right. It will take you to, click the big green "Download Now" button to download the installer. If you get stuck again or are not sure what to do at any point, I'll be around to help you through the process.

Oh and I can recommend the website app that M4 linked as well, if you have good timing. But I'd still vouch for VDJ over anything else haha.
I happen to be working on a simfile base creation guide/tutorial for friends of mine, and it includes an explanation on how to use VDJ to determine BPMs. It'll be public at some point (once it's finished) so maybe that would give you additional insight. If you're interested I'll remember to share it with you once it's online.

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Last question Thumsy. Is it safe to downoad? I wanna be sure.
I can assure you I wouldn't recommend anyone a product that is harmful. I wouldn't be using it myself if it was harmful now, would I? ;)
But as I've said before, the installer might offer additional software such as toolbars and similar junk, so just make sure you go through the installing process with caution and deny any offers to install those extras. Again, if you aren't entirely sure what to do at any point, if at any point you might think there's something shady going on, just let me know and I'll assist you.

Just for clarity purposes, the installer's filename is install_virtualdj_home_v7.4.2.exe. If you somehow download a differently-named file, you probably clicked the wrong thing.