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I still have trouble following the syncing of songs from the tutorial/reference given.
Maybe I can upload my simfile here and try to see if it is actually synced perfectly or what. (whenever I'll be able to finish it).
Hello there once again.
Can I have a favor? I have tried to sync the song and the steps here using the guide given by Maxx.
Just to test if it's in sync, please download my sample simfile and try to play and see if it's synced or not.
Please let me know if it's synced or not by replying here.

Sample Song
Man, i always test my tracks using the "clap" option when you are starting the song

If the arrow clap is correct in the beat what you putted it, then that means the arrow is syncronized with that beat

Keep with this process with the other arrows

Thats my technique, obviously there are other techniques you can try

That's what I actually do. But what I want to test is its fidelity, meaning if it stay synced when it is downloaded by other SM Players.
I have this experience when I downloaded a certain simfile with a sample video showing that it is perfectly synced, but when I played it on my SM, it is so off-sync.