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Heya, everyone. New here. Just thought i'd ask a few questions.

1. Where do I get songs?
2. Is there a way to go "online"? It says i'm offline. ;w;
3. New to stepmania - how do difficulties work?

Thanks in advance.

~ Ebiru
Welcome to the forums, Ebiru!

1) A good place to get songs is the simfile section on Zenius-i-Vanisher. They have a huge variety of official DDR songs and fan made songs which cover a wide range of difficulties. You can also check out this post I made detailing several beginner-friendly song packs to get you started.

2) No idea. I believe it's possible to play online with others but it doesn't work very well. You can try checking out Stepmania Online for more info.

3) Well, they start at 1 and get harder as the number goes up! :P
Seriously though, each difficulty has a number associated with it. The numbers are the same across difficulties - e.g. a medium level 5 would be about as hard as a hard level 5 or easy level 5, not particularly easier or harder. You can see the difficulty levels when you pick a song - I've circled them in the picture at the bottom.

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2. If you create an Stepmania Online (SMO) account, then, in Stepmania, you can go online by going to Options>Network Options>Connect and entering "". Then start the game as usual. Select the profile under Online Login with the same name as your SMO username, and enter your password. This will allow you to play online with other people and post your scores online.

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