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I just fancied trying this game and I'm familiar with rythm games however after installing and downloading some (novice packs) from google I find out that every single song is incredibly difficult even 1s rated at novice (1) could you recommend me some songs to download to start off or recommend me to another topic some where to get me started.

I'm a player who still needs to practice 4 keys

even if you are using 4 key, look for songs that are pad

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Thanks for the songs I can play these for a starter,
1 more question is there any easy way to seperate the difficulty songs from the easy normal hardish songs or atleast tell them appart.
Sure! Assuming you're using the default Stepmania 5 theme, look at the number next to each difficulty on the list of difficulties when you're picking a song. I've circled what you need to look at in the image below.
The number is a rating which gives you an idea how hard the song's going to be.

doesn't seem thats the case lol

I can't read this xD

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Oh dear... Yes, there is of course the possibility of downloading some badly presented keyboard-oriented pack where the difficulty numbers bear no resemblance to, well, anything really. Although I've never seen one where a level 1 chart was like that.

Here are some links to some packs to start out with which cover a range of difficulties:

Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix
Dance Dance Revolution Extreme
- a couple of packs of songs from DDR. Includes a lot of classic tracks which are pretty much synonymous with dance games - very cheesy, Japanese eurobeat.

In The Groove
In The Groove 2
- These packs are from the In The Groove series of games, containing more western sounds than the very Japanese DDR packs. Different style stepcharts than DDR, preferred by some but unfavoured by others. In my opinion the easier charts from these packs prepare you better for the harder songs.

Ben Speirs' SPEIRMIX - One - Two - Three - Four
These packs contain a lot of chart and party music.

Important: Some of the DDR and speirmix songs use a different difficulty level scale to the In The Groove scale. The different scale is 1.5 times that of the ITG scale (the ITG scale is 2/3 that of the other scale). So for example, a level 6 on the ITG scale would be a level 9 on the new DDR scale. However, some other songs (especially some in the 3rd mix folder) use the same scale as the ITG scale. A general rule is, if the hard/expert chart is above level 10 and it's NOT an in the groove song, it's using the new scale. Otherwise, it's probably using the old scale (or really really easy).

Hope that helps!

EDIT: You can also get an idea of how hard a song's going to be by the little yellow info box below the difficulty list. This tells you how many arrows are in the song. For example, that one you've selected in the screenshot has 477 arrows - quite a lot! If you find a song you do well at, take note of how many arrows it has and look for songs with around the same (or slightly more) arrows.

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