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So, i'm new to the forum, sorry if i post something on the wrong place ><
I'm having a problem running ANY version of Stepmania 5, because since (at least for me) if you uninstall it, it will save your settings from the last time you had it on your PC.
The problem is, mine is setted to fullscreen, and i was having a problem previously, the game sound played but no image showed up, i was just staring at my desktop screen, if i clicked the running Stepmania icon on the task bar, the screen would show up and i could play normally, but i recently had to format my HDD and when i reinstalled SM5, this doesn't work anymore.
If i click on the icon, the cursor resets to the screen center and i can hear that that the game is recieving input (menu scroll sounds) but no screen at all, i would be very grateful if someone could help me (perhaps manually editing a file to change the render option?).
Oh, and sorry if i made any mistakes, english is not my native Language ;-;
The preferences are saved in "%APPDATA%/StepMania 5.0/Save/Preferences.ini".
If you delete that file, they'll be reset to the default.
You can try editing it by hand.
I'm not sure what is causing your problem.
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Thank You! :3
I deleted the file and it's working now >v<