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Alright, I know i've posted here like 6 times this week, but this is my absolute last question, and then my dream 9-panel setup will be ready to roll out!

So, on the SM5 default theme, I'm given the option to select the game mode I would like to play, singles, solo, courses, etc. However, I would like to enable some of those options in the SM5 Simply Love Theme if possible; primarily solo (6-panel) play. I can get technomotion charts working, Pump, and regular DDR charts too, so 6-panel is all that's left. Is this something handled by the application, or the theme? And is there any possible way to modify those settings? If I have to switch themes to play solo charts, I won't die, but if I could make the transition somewhat seamless, that'd be awesome!

Thanks for any words of advice you may have!
It's more complicated than what a common user should have to do, and attempts are likely to cause problems.
Submit an issue on the theme's issue page on github and the author might add it when he has some free time.
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