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I reformatted my PC a while back, and after reinstalling Stepmania I can no longer find the feature that allows you to slow down the speed of the song for practicing. I've tried just playing without using it, but there are several songs I want to play that are just slightly above my skill level. And to my annoyance I can't think of another way to practice them effectively, besides hitting my head against the proverbial wall until it starts cracking. (i.e. continuously playing a song that is too difficult for me to read, let alone dance, in a vain attempt to learn it)

Before, if I went into the options right after selecting a song, when selecting Exit in the options screen I would go to a second screen very similar to the advanced options in the main menu options. This allowed me to change the song speed and fail type on the fly when practicing. How can I get this behavior back, or otherwise access a way to change the speed of the song?

At first I thought it had to do with the Stepmania version, but even after reverting from 5.0.7 to 5.0.6 (which I used before reformatting) it still didn't work. I guess it might have to do with the settings stored in the appdata, but I didn't save those so I can't check.

Thanks in advance.
Find the "Show Song Options" option in the service menu and set it to Ask instead of Hide.
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Ah, found it. It's under UI options.

Thanks a lot! :D