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Hi, Long time Stepmania player well years ago, still have 3.9b installed and only just now installed 5.0.7, all that's left is to dust off my old fingers, but before I do I have a question I couldn't figure out on my own, I like to play all my songs on C550 speed with Mines turned OFF, is there a way to set that as the default, so that every time I start up Stepmania again I won't have to set these options in the song options each time?

Another mini question I have and don't feel like starting a new post just to ask, is it possible to run this in borderless fullscreen windowed? I have multiple monitors and fullscreen doesn't play nice with that and seeing borders kinda annoy me and break my immersion :/
If you make a profile in the profile management menu, it should store your speed mod choice in it.
For mines off, I think you're screwed, I couldn't figure it out in 5 minutes of fiddling with Preferences.ini.

I'm not sure what to say about borderless mode. I don't think there's an option for it, and I use a window manager that doesn't put borders on anything.
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In your Preferences.ini file, you can set:

DefaultModifiers=C550, nomines

I tested this in Simply Love, but it should work in nearly every theme I can think of.
I've tried this but the C550 doesn't take effect, any ideas?

My ini looks like this

The NoMines, FailAtEnd, ect. mods work, just not anything that modifies the default speed. Using latest SM 5.0.9 btw.

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