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I found a theme I mostly like except for 1 little thing. During gameplay, there's a black box under the arrows that obscures the background animations. I'd like to turn it off.

My searches suggest it has something to do with transparencies or screen filters, but so far none of what I read provided a clear answer as to which option or which item in the metrics file of the theme I have to change.
Sounds like the screen filter. Most themes that have it have an option for turning it off on the options screen before you play a song. Go there and read every option until you find it.
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Which theme are you using?
Most themes contain this in player options(double enter when selecting music) or advanced options?You can go there and see if there is something named as NoteField or Screen Fliter.
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It's a DDR X2 (US PS2 ver.) theme.

I didn't see anything in the Main menu Options or the in-game song options about NoteField or Screen Filter.

I saw a file called 'Screen Filter.bak' but moving it out of the Theme folder had no effect.

I also see 'Screen Filter.png_', 'Screen Filter1.png_', 'Screen Filter2.png_', and 'Screen Filter Double.png_' in the Graphics folder.
Finally resolved.

After I deleted the bak file and played SM a little, a file called 'Disable Screen Filter' appeared; I ran it, and the shadow disappeared. Thanks for the clues

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I'm facing the same problem and i'm using a DDR X2 Plus theme (this one ), but i cant find anywhere an option for screen filter or notefield.
I also cant find the Screen Filter.bak file that Musashi said. What do i do? :(