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Pulse works fine, but I notice a bit of audio latency. I'm not certain if Pulse is causing it or not; but I figured I'd try ALSA instead.

Using pasuspender with no Preferences change results in Pulse still being used in SM5, and no audio.

Setting SoundDrivers=alsa-sw results in:

ALSA: Advanced Linux Sound Architecture Driver Version k3.18.9-200.fc21.i686.

ALSA Driver: 0: Xonar DG [DG], device 0: Multichannel [Multichannel], 1/1 subdevices avail
ALSA Driver: 0: Xonar DG [DG], device 1: Digital [Digital], 1/1 subdevices avail
ALSA: dsnd_pcm_hw_params_set_access: Invalid argument
Couldn't load driver alsa-sw: SetHWParams failed
Language: en
Theme: default
Error: Couldn't find a sound driver that works

Although now that I type this; I vaguely recall a similar issue in openSUSE when dealing with this audio card. I recall Ubuntu being fine though. A quick test i'll try in a bit is testing the integrated HDA sound chip instead of the ASUS Xonar DG I'm using.

Edit: Integrated HDA chip does the same thing.

On another note; OpenITG works fine with audio (both with just working and without latency), and I'm almost certain it's not using Pulse.

Edit: So apparently OpenITG comes with a GlobalOffset out-the-box, but SM5 doesn't. Using the offset wizard in SM5 puts the offset close to what OpenITG does. Taking the offset from OpenITG and putting it on SM5 seems to work just fine. So it seems Linux or something might have some known offset thing.

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Preferences.ini, SoundDevice=default or SoundDevice=plughw:0,0 should do the job.

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SoundDevice=plughw:0,0 worked fine (didn't try the Default one), thanks!