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Check out Zenus I Vanisher or search Google for BMS file downloads.
What's up.

Beatmania simfiles use a different file format than DDR/ITG sims: bme (or bms). I believe you can get sm files with beat mode steps but i've never seen one in the field. is pretty much the definitive place for downloading (official) beatmania songs. there are a few other places if you look around, sadly looks like they don't have the songs from 1st-10th mix on there right now. here is what you do:

download a song, you'll need 7zip to extract it because they're all in 7z archives
there'll be one folder in the archive, drag that to your stepmania song group folder (I use Songs/IIDX)
- side note: you'll notice inside the folder are a bunch of bme files, and another folder for all the key sounds. this is how beatmania simfiles are laid out (for the most part).
open stepmania and you should be good to go.

hope that helps, let me know if you have any issues :)