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I have searched and searched and searched and searched and, despite having a running copy of Stepmania CANNOT find whatever directory it installed itself to. No it is not in Programs. No it is not in Programs(86x). An automated search of my entire C drive yields ZERO results for 'Stepmania' or even 'Step'. In particular, I want to find the Songs directory so I can add more.

As I say, Stepmania is installed and running via my Startup menu. But it has apparently hidden itself away deep, deep, deep in the depths of the system, unfindably, under a secret name.

Any thoughts?
SOLVED: Okay, turns it makes a whole new directory for itself, C:/Games/Stepmania. NOT really helpful, nor does it solve the mystery of why my system search turned up nothing. Ah well.
Do not install songs into the StepMania folder, install them into %APPDATA%/StepMania 5/Songs

Solves a lot of user permissions problems, especially when editing simfiles.