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Well, I have the noteskin, but what do I put out of the zip file in the NoteSkins folder? I tryed just putting the folder, and it didn't work ._. Please Help!!! (IN STEPMANIA 5)

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Unzip the noteskin zip and put it inside the folder for the game type that it's for. If it's for dance, put it in NoteSkins/dance.
There's also an instructions.txt inside the NoteSkins folder.
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I do not have any of those folders in my NoteSkins folder, it is just empty. Btw sorry for late reply
EDIT: Did a bunch of expierementing, and there we go... it worked! Now I have DDR 2014 Theme, Simfiles, and NoteSkin! It's like my game is an arcade.
Thanks a bunch!!! ~ElijahPWG

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