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It seems Stepmania can't read my stats.xml file anymore when the size foes over ~10 MB. When I load Stepmania up, it just shows "0 songs played", and treats it as a empty profile. It also saves over the old one when I play a song.

If i I delete some songs from Stats.xml (and possibly revert the GeneralData to an older version) it becomes able to read and save to it again, as long as it stays under (what I assume to be) 10 MB.

I had this problem with the Stepmania 4 version, and keep having it with Stepmania 5.

So I'm looking for solutions. Clearly I can just make sure it stays under 10 MB, but then I'd have to delete some history or split the stats file, maybe into two different pack groups. Is there any easy way for me to split it like that?
You'd have to modify the game's source, it's an old arcade-related limit. Note that this limit doesn't apply to the machine profile.

This is the relevant portion: You'd want to increase the first number to something like 10000.