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Does anyone know how to stop this from happening? Every time I play, StepMania 5 (for Mac) creates an apparently unused (always empty) "Stepmania 5" folder on my desktop. I only found one very old thread on google about it which doesn't have an answer.
Yeah, this is decidedly annoying. It's one of those things I've wanted to look into for a while now, but kept forgetting or getting distracted by other things first. Thanks for the reminder! I'll try to figure something out.

EDIT: So, it's here in the code:

I don't understand what the Desktop directory is supposed to be used for since neither the Linux nor the Win32 implementations have analogs as far as I can see. I'll ask in IRC about this; if there is no opposition, I'll comment it out for the next release.

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Good, glad to hear it, it's driving me crazy!

This issue should be fixed in SM 5.0.7.