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Hey, I'm trying to calibrate deltaMAX's music video with the song but I don't know how to (the music video always starts 1-2 secs before the steps), can anyone help me? Thanks! I've tried looking for options to start the video at a later time but I can't find anything.

Last edited: 19 February 2017 10:57am

u have to change it on the .sm file
in this line
#BGCHANGES:0.237=HERE U PUT UR VIDEO.avi=1.000=1=0=0,
295.500=Beautiful World-bg.png=1.000=1=0=1,
99999=-nosongbg-=1.000=0=0=0 // don't automatically add -songbackground-

it has to be in avi i believe and the number 0.237 is the time where u want to show the video.
actually i do that but theres no change on the simfile, i dont know why.
but 2 years ago when i was fully on this i could.
i guess im doing something diff this time but i cant figure out what is. maybe the version.