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Not quite sure how to put this, but I want to know if there's a set of inputs to quickly reset mods. I know there's a command or code for quickly sorting songs (up down up down), but I could've sworn that there were some other commands. Anyone know what it might be?
SM5's _fallback theme has a standard set of codes that every theme will inherit (unless that theme explicitly goes out of its way to not inherit them). The code you're looking for is CancelAll which is defined here:

Note that, as it is set up there, the code only applies to the "dance" gamemode. Hope this helps.

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That actually helps a lot, and it explains a few things. I was using Cyberia Style Last Approach when I tried the code which didn't work, though it worked with the default theme. I didn't realize that the code could be changed between themes and perhaps it was changed for Cyberia Style (and upon looking through the code, it was). For future reference, how would I add that code to a theme that didn't have it? (I have no coding experience)

Thanks, and sorry for bringing up an old topic.

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