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Well, that's the problem right there. Don't map the backslash key.
The bug is that the key is written to the file as "Key_\", but the backslash has a special meaning in ini files: backslash means that the stuff on the next line is actually part of the same line, so it joins the two lines together.

Ok, i'll make the changes and will get back to you if it works. Thanks again for your help!

You are a legend. It has finally saved properly!!!
I still dont understand why because the older stepmania i have it locked in with the \ button as said above. Even with my old ez2dj emulator i have that key as a button.
It's sorted now so it's all good, that's all that matters now!
Kyzentun, thanks again!!!

The \ feature in ini files wasn't added until a couple years ago. I'm not sure why nobody noticed this side effect until now, but if you write "\\" into the file manually you should be able to use the key.

I'll keep that tip in mind, but for now i'm ok!
5.0.6 makes it possible to map the backslash key, so this problem is fixed, and you can go back to using it.
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