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Thanks for the suggestions.
I guess I could try a "released theme" or the standard theme, but any PIU theme still gives more of an original feeling to play, plus it comes with noteskins and many options to choose from.

About AMX. This is actually a portable version. I just dragged the full game and files into a folder, put songs in it and started to play. Not installer or something was used, just drag and drop pretty much.
About SM5. I found that I also have a 2nd, wrong installed SM5 in my files. It was installed without the installer, just to test a theme. I'm going to delete it and see if it makes a difference.

My AMX and SM5 are installed on Program Files (x86). Is this good or not?
Could you tell me where the scores actually should be saving? Folder?
So far almost all themes I've used came with error. When I use fullscreen, I don't get them anymore, but I've had themes with 10+ errors that I had to skip everytime I used a certain theme.

I never upgraded to SM5 Beta 4 yet, still using Beta 3. I actually encountered another problem.
When using the newest Fiesta 2 theme, which actually saves scores. Only 1 out of 10 songs works with that theme. I think they are .sma files. I start a song and then the theme/game crashes. How come?
Do not install in Program Files. Installing in Program Files causes a variety of problems because Windows sucks.

You can copy the noteskins over to %APPDATA%/StepMania 5/NoteSkins/pump and use them if they were made for SM5 (so, don't copy the noteskins from the SM AMX or SM 3.9 over, but the ones from the PIU Infinity bundle will probably work)
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Ok, so I shouldn't install it in the Program Files directory, I'll try changing it.
Yeah, I could copy the noteskins and use them in other themes.

Now for my other issue, so I don't have to make a new topic.
There's 1 theme (Fiesta 2) that saves my scores. However, like I said, only 1 out 10 songs work with it.
An error song either crashes the game/theme when starting OR when the song is finished it won't go to the score screen.
How come? How do I know if a song works or not (without testing each song)? Is it because of the .sma format?