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I don't like long introductions, so let's get right to the point:
1. I can't find ScreenTitleMenu overlay (or any lua script) where title menu is scripted. I'd love to change position of menu entries and add some extra actors to it.
2. Is it possible to script additional mechanics? I was thinking about automatic difficulty calculator and maybe better profiles. That would require direct access to simfiles, ability to write and read extra files, ability to add extra screens.
3. Is it possible to add extra keyboard input events (like, let's say, Shift+Enter will show a detailed statistics of a simfile when pressed)
4. Is it possible to create mouse click events (I'm expecting a "no, but, hey, there's always a chance)?

Loving how theming is so permissive, but, jeez, it's a bit hard to do with almost no documentation, except for lua.xml and a couple of tutos.