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Can someone tell me if there have been any step mania builds listed anywhere?

What I mean is custom built computers or laptops re purposed specifically only to do stepmania?

I have a 60" Samsung led affixed to my 10 ft ceiling and I would like to setup either a laptop like an Asus eee or a custom mini itx build I make. I'd like to somehow display the video wirelessly to my tv. If it's possible to connect the pads wireless via blue tooth that would be sweet too. I want to make this system as lightweight and portable as possible.
The only thing like that that I know is the iDance system (but it is not StepMania)
Guess I'll be the only one to take this game a lil above and beyond :)

Building a mini-itx computer specifically to play stepmania.

using a gigabyte mini-itx mb, w/ a mini-itx case w/ 300 watt psu and intel i3 w/ 4600 gpu. 8gb ddr3 memory, and windows 8.1 w/ a samsung 830 64gb ssd hard drive.

Combined with a wireless hdmi/audi transmitter and of course a usb/ps2 converter I've had laying around. I know it will work on Windows 7 so I might end up going windows 7 if I cannot get the driver to work in 8.1

The only cord connecting this computer to anything will be the power in the wall, and pads. :D

Combined with a wireless logitech solar keyboard and mouse as well.

Hooked up to my 55" samsung OLED TV and 5.1 surround sound, this will be epic.

If anyone knows of a way to make the pads wireless as well, please do let me know!

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Note that SM doesn't support 5.1 sound by itself, so you will need it to copy the front channels to the rear speakers for that to work right.
Note that SM doesn't support 5.1 sound by itself, so you will need it to copy the front channels to the rear speakers for that to work right.
Linux allows you to set your speaker config to "simultanious stereo to analog surround 7.1" I usually use that option to view a movie with 4 people all using headsets...
Ok guys. I've gotten this pc built.

EVERYTHING works perfectly EXCEPT the pads. :/

I'm using windows 8.1.

Thinking of knocking it down to windows 7 but would love to hear if anyone has gotten the EMS ps2-usb converter to work with 64bit windows 8.1, also if anyone has gotten it to work with 64bit windows 7.

Please let me know asap!


p.s. in windows 8.1 it senses that it is a usb input device, but when I go to configure it, the list of things it sees is empty. It acts like a driver works with this EMS but I cannot get these pads to work in stepmania.

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This isn't really the kind of build you are talking about but...

As for adapters, I think my Super Joy Box 3 Pro works fine on everything still, dunno about EMS though.

EDIT: oops

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lol nice build. I'm not going to be doing the metal mats :)

More so looking to make a machine like I once had and completely forgot how to build where I can setup an endless mode that I can't fail where I can do an hour non stop of ddr for a workout.

I'm going to have to find all the songs all over again too :(

I could not get the EMS to work in either win 8.1 or win 7 both x64.

I think I am going to try this route instead:

I hope they will work in windows 8.1 or at the very least 7.