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Is there a way to show letter grade on song select screen? Mine doesn't show up.

Also, is there Network Options? I can't seem to find it in Options.
Is there a way to show letter grade on song select screen?

Also, is there Network Options?
There is an issue with text.

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What is the "issue with text" you are experiencing?

I think I'm experiencing a bug with Simply Love. I have a profile set so that when I load in to screenselectmusic the modifiers I like are already set (c speed mod, mini, surround, etc, etc). But if I go in to a song without visiting the playeroptions screen at least once then mini will show up as 0 in gameplay. As soon as I go in to player options the mini I had saved is already selected and from then on everything is fine. I play on event so this is only a problem once per play session typically.

I'm wondering though if there's a simple fix for it.

People had pointed this out to me in the past, but I'd forgotten about it at those times, as there were bigger issues to tackle then. Thanks for reminding me about it.

The fix will be included in the next formal release, or you can download an intermediate version of the theme from GitHub now.

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Simply Love for SM5 v4.7

Simply Love for SM5 v4.7 is out. It contains bug fixes and will (hopefully) be the final release of this theme.


The theme can be downloaded from GitHub. You can and absolutely should read the release notes here:

Screenshots of the this theme's aesthetic and features can be view here on imgur.

Please note that this requires StepMania 5.0.12 or StepMania 5.1-beta1 to function properly. Future releases of SM5.1 should also work fine.

Older versions of SM5 are not supported. SM5.2 is not supported.

If you need help installing SM5, I can point you to the Troubleshooting SM5 section of the included README. The FAQ section of the same README may also be helpful.


To briefly summarize what changed in this release:

• In-gameplay StepStatistics now work with a centered playfield if you're using Widescreen
• NoteSkins with Lua errors no longer break ScreenPlayerOptions
• ColumnFlashOnMiss fixed for double mode
• EventMode Timer correctly displays hours
• other small fixes


Many thanks go to GitHub user andrewipark for submitting useful pull requests and feedback that shaped this release.

Additional thanks go to all the GitHub users that submitted pull requests over the years, including but not limited to: djpohly, kyzentun, Kauhsa, OmnipotentEntity, FishamanP, itg-abby, camsta4, fent, and dj jack.

You can get a sense of each individual's contributions on GitHub here:

I also need to acknowledge all those who contributed by offering insight and technical knowledge over the years, including but not limited to: freem, Mad Matt, shakesoda, midiman, jousway, and tertu.

A Note on Licensing and the Future

Simply Love's code was previously listed on GitHub as having "no license." It was pointed out this actually meant no one was allowed to reuse any of the code! Oops.

Simply Love now uses the MIT open source software license. You can basically do whatever you want with this code as long as you don't hold me liable.

With that established, I strongly encourage everyone reading this to stop working on Simply Love. Stop forking it. Stop sending me pull requests. It has been an honor to work on this project and serve the post-ITG community across the last five years, but it is time to move on.

If you are interested in learning more about SM5 theming to make a new theme, here are some resources to get you started:

The Story of How I Learned to Theme
My Lua Scripting For SM5 Guide
StepMania Theming Wiki Page
TutorialsPoint Lua Guide

Please, take this code and use it to make something new and exciting. I implore you.


Finally, if you observe me working on this theme in non-trivial ways in the future, I encourage you to find me, close my laptop, and go for a long walk in the snow with me.

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Simply Love for SM5 v4.8

I know, I know, this wasn't supposed to happen, but here we are.

Simply Love for SM5 v4.8 is out. It contains too many new features and fixes to succinctly summarize, but here are some highlights:

• completely new Casual Mode to help get new players into the game
• new Operator Menu layout with better explanations of each setting
• SL now fully supports Español and Français
• more visual styles to choose from (not just hearts and arrows)
• in-theme Acknowledgments section celebrating the many, many people that have helped make this possible
• more bug fixes, more better

You can read the release notes and download the theme here:



SelectMusic for Casual Mode

SelectMusic for Casual Mode

SelectMusic for Casual Mode

Operator Menu with Improved Explanations

Simply Love Acknowledgments

Simply Love now fully supports Español and Français



Many thanks go to GitHub users andrewipark, Jose_Varela, HeySora, ianklatzco, and shockdude for contributing pull requests to this release.

Additional thanks to mute, HeySora, and Jose_Varela for testing this release and providing exceptionally helpful feedback over the past several weeks.



Simply Love for SM5 has been downloaded from GitHub over 13000 times. The previous release (v4.7) has over 2700 downloads.

This release adds nearly 10000 new lines of code, making it (by far) the most significant update to the theme since its initial release.

In order to make it happen, I worked on this release for 75 consecutive days.



If you are playing on a public arcade machine and accidentally pick Casual Mode, you can jump over to Competitive Mode with the old "Left,Left,Right,Right,Left,Left,Right,Right" MenuButton code (from ITG) before choosing your first song.

If you are in Select Music in Competitive Mode in the middle of some giant pack, you can quickly close that pack by performing an "Up+Down" jump on your dance pad.



Please read the release notes before you message me with questions! Seriously, please. :,)


It is my hope that you enjoy this release.

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