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Hello everyone!

I am creating some stepfiles based on video game themes. These include themes from different generations, so try them out!
Made with keyboard, for keyboard (can be done on pad as well). Suited for beginners and skilled players. (Difficulty 1-13)
Creating these steps is actually fun!

To install the packs, just download the .zip files you want (see the list below). You'll see a text file (README) and a folder. Just extract the folder and put it on the "Stepmania 5 --> Songs" folder that you should have if you downloaded the game.

Here are the links:


Pack 1 (v.1.2)
Includes following themes:
--- "The Valedictory Elegy" - Baten Kaitos Origins
--- "Port Town" - F-Zero
--- "Prelude" - Final Fantasy VII
--- "Planet Popstar" - Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
--- "Unfounded Revenge/Smashing Song of Praise (Brawl Remix)" - Mother 3
--- "GO GO! Sega Rally (Instrumental)" - Sega Rally 2
--- "Ground Theme (Forty-Eight Hours Remix)" - Super Mario Bros. 2 (Remix by DJ Cutman)
--- "Death By Glamour" - Undertale
Slight changes were made in v1.1. All music files run now in .ogg files for easier editing. Also, some unnecessary hand steps were removed in lower difficulty levels. Preview music also slightly altered.
In v1.2, some themes were resynced. Head picture also added.

Pack 2 (v1.1)
Includes following themes:
--- "2 AM (Brawl Remix)" - Animal Crossing: Wild World / DS
--- "Tomorrow Is Mine" - Bayonetta 2
--- "Brute Justice / Burden Of The Son" - Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward
--- "The Concept Of Love" - Jet Set Radio Future
--- "King Dedede's Theme (Brawl Remix)" - Kirby's Dream Land
--- "The Grand Finale" - Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
--- "Battle! Legendary Pokémon" - Pokémon Black & White
--- "Battle! Champion" - Pokémon X & Y
--- "Ocean View" - Sonic & All-Stars Racing: Transformed
--- "You Will Know Our Names" - Xenoblade Chronicles
v1.1: Slight changes in the difficulty levels and new head picture.

Pack 3
Includes following themes:
--- "SeventH-HeaveN" - 7th Dragon 2020
--- "Baby Bird" - Bravely Default
--- "Moon Over The Castle" - Gran Turismo 5
--- "Home Sweet Grave" - Guilty Gear Isuka
--- "Ice Cream Island (Smash 4 Remix)" - Kirby's Adventure
--- "Big Blue" - Mario Kart 8
--- "Cyber Maze Core (Sigma Stage 2)" - Mega Man X5
--- "Disturbances - The One Called From Beyond" - Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth
--- "Xenon Time/Vortex" - Planet Puzzle League
--- "Magikarp Festival" - Pokkén Tournament
--- "Sweet Mountain (Act 1)" - Sonic Colors
--- "Ballad of the Goddess" - The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Pack 4
Includes following themes:
--- "Balloon Trip (Tetris DS Rearrange)" - Balloon Fight
--- "Mission 1: The City Slums" - Double Dragon
--- "The Moon" - Ducktales
--- "The World Of Darkness" - Final Fantasy III
--- "Angel Land" - Kid Icarus
--- "Opening + Title Screen (Enhanced Version)" - Mega Man 2 (Enhanced Version by RushJet1)
--- "Brinstar" - Metroid
--- "Act 4-2 (Unbreakable Determination)" - Ninja Gaiden
--- "Opening & Main Theme" - Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow
--- "Main Theme" - Space Harrier
--- "Tal Tal Heights" - The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
--- "Retro Medley" - Wrecking Crew
29.07.2016 Update: "The World Of Darkness" step file has been slightly resynced to fit better in the slower parts of the track.

Pack 5 (NEW)
Includes following themes:
--- "The Anticipated New World" - Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth
--- "Pollyanna (I Believe In You)" - Earthbound Beginnings (Mother)
--- "Katamari On The Rocks" - Katamari Damacy
--- "Pink Ball Activate! (Robobot Theme)" - Kirby: Planet Robobot
--- "Rainbow Road" - Mario Kart Wii
--- "Circles!" - osu!
--- "We Move Together As One" - Overwatch
--- "I Will Give You My All" - Payday: The Heist
--- "Eterna City (Daytime)" - Pokémon Diamond & Pearl
--- "Whiplash" - Rocket League
--- "Wonder World (Title Theme)" - Sonic Lost World
--- "Double Cherry Pass" - Super Mario 3D World
--- "Monkey Island" - Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz
--- "Every Day Is Night" - VA-11 Hall-A

Standalone titles and small packs:

--- "SeventH-Heaven" - 7th Dragon 2020
-> A collab between JeaneMaggie and me. This song appears in Pack 3. Also, Hatsune Miku is in there, so... You know the deal.
--- "Flowers of Antimony" - Shovel Knight
-> Simfile made by MisterPibb. Literally the only thing I did here was some aesthetic changes, and the steps remain almost intact from the original. If you love Shovel Knight's OST as much as him, check the current pack that he's making!
--- "Bergentrückung/ASGORE" - Undertale
-> A difficult track featuring a lot of blue-note strings at 230 BPM. If it's too difficult for you, you can always play the easier difficulties and still enjoy the awesomeness of this song.
--- "Megalovania" - Undertale
-> Requested by JeaneMaggie. This track is fast. Like very, very fast. Keep up with the rhythm and don't lose focus!
--- "Reach Out To The Truth" - Persona 4: Dancing All Night --- ANOTHER VERSION
-> Requested by TSLSmokey. This song is catchier every time I hear it. Relaxing, yet challenging to newer players. The "Another" version contains slightly harder steps, and, most importantly, the full length of the song.
--- "Katamari On The Rocks [ANOTHER]" - Katamari Damacy
-> The original stepfile is part of Pack 5, and it might be the hardest song in the pack. Well, now it's even harder! 160BPM, almost 6 minutes of non-stop keyboard mashing! Now that's a challenge!
--- "Maya's Theme" - Persona 2: Innocent Sin (PSP)
-> A rhythmic, optimistic song from Persona 2: Innocent Sin. This is the remastered trrack from the PSP version. Catchy!
--- "Title Theme" - Cave Story
-> A slow and tricky song where you'll have to follow the drum bass on the harder levels to succeed.
--- The FINAL FANTASY XIV Minipack
||| "Alexander Prime (First Phase)"
||| "Alexander Prime (Final Phase)"
||| "Equilibrium (Sophia The Goddess)"
||| "Fiend (Sephirot: Second Phase)"
--- The POKÉMON Minipack
||| "Battle! Vs. Colress" - Black 2 & White 2
||| "Batlle! Champion / Red" - HeartGold & SoulSilver
||| "Battle! Vs. Zinnia" - Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire
||| "Battle! Vs. Team Skull Grunt - Sun & Moon

To install these songs, you'll have to drag each of them to a folder INSIDE the "Stepmania 5 -> Songs" folder or it won't work.

If you want to delete the step files, and for some reason, the computer won't let you delete the file ("Item Not Found" message), try following the steps in this video. It worked for me!

Also, if you want to create a new difficulty level (like one of those extreme step charts) feel free to use these songs as a base! Just don't forget to credit me if you share it with others.

As always, if there are some problems with the steps, just let me know so I can try to fix them. Thanks A LOT for your support!

Have a nice day!

UPDATE: The Pokémon Minipack just released!

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Nicely done. I tried a few songs; Death By Glamour is pretty fun. Looks like it can be done on pad decently, heh.

I'll be sure to play the others.
I'm new to this, so sorry if I was supposed to ask this elsewhere, but if you could step the Champion theme from Pokemon X and Y, that would be awesome!
I'm new to this, so sorry if I was supposed to ask this elsewhere, but if you could step the Champion theme from Pokemon X and Y, that would be awesome!

Of course! That will be included when the next pack comes out. I can confirm that there will be another Pokémon theme in it, as well. The pack itself may take some time as I want it to include 10 themes instead of 8, and I have college stuff to do as well. But don't worry! I'll be sure to release it soon.
Pack 1 (v1.1) now released!
Here it is!
Expect pack 2 soon!

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If you are still accepting requests, I would like to request the newly released Brute Justice theme from FFXIV. Link is for what it sounds like. If you're no longer accepting requests, you might wanna change the thread title if you can or make a note that no more requests are being taken. BEst of luck on the pack!
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Hi, I´m new in Stepmania, I play Osu! so I guessed I could play Stepmania, nice to meet you all and thanks for the pack.
Pack 2 (NEW) Here it is! Enjoy!

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