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Mine are these:
Without dying: 10 (Feels Just Like That Night on Double Expert)
With one or more stars: 5 (once again Feels Just Like That Night, but on Double Medium)
With 100%: 2 (Boogie Down on Single Easy)

Share your accomplishments.
About the hardest I can do (four panel) is The Witches' Ball

5-panel the best I can do is Cleaner S18 (just barely!)

Best I can do in dance double is about 9 or 10, pump doubles around 15.
I don't know what's more amazing ... the fact that you make all Excellent and Fantastic on such a hard course, or the fact that the little witch's flashing stars don't confuse you at all.
Oh, those aren't my videos, I just needed something to show the chart since I don't think it's a common one. I can't do that well on it, but I can pass.

The stars ARE confusing, it's really hard to do that.
I've passed two 15s (The Fountain and Heart of the Dragon). Gotten close on way too many other 15s it's kinda sad. I've passed a couple 12s on doubles.

a couple tri stars on 13s

my quadstars are pathetic (Sick Dubstep Track and VINYL oops)

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Work in Progress
11 on pad, 16 with spread (I think i can pass a 17 but I'm too lazy to try), and 13 with index

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I'm trying to learn how to play double: Video
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<@shakesoda> because you're an ITG player. And thus, a masochist
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